Fennel Montague Melvin & wife Harriet Mathilda Thaggard

Fennel Montague Melvin was born 8 May, 1850. He was the youngest son of Arthur Melvin (ca 1796 - 1885) and Charlotte Averitt.

Arthur Melvin had received 595 acres of land on the east side of Cypress Creek, willed to him by his father. He was the son of Daniel Melvin (1769 - 1846) and Sarah West (1772 - 1884). His first wife had been Annie Jane Jessup.

Fennel Melvin married Harriet Mathilda Thaggard, the daughter of James B. Thaggard and Nancy Ann West of Cumberland County, on 22 September, 1867. The marriage was performed by A.B. Alderman. Harriet was born 27 March, 1850. According to the census records, it appears that Harriet was a twin. Her twin sister would have been Catherine Lucinda Thaggard, who married David E. "Delphus" Beard.

Fennel and Harriet Melvin had 3 children:
i. Erascus Durant Melvin, b. 4 July, 1868, d. 24 August, 1950.
ii. John Arthur Melvin, b. 25 February, 1870, d. 16 November, 1928 in Magee, Mississippi
iii. Mary Kate "Mollie" Melvin, b. 15 October, 1875, d. 14 September, 1964, m. Benjamin Franklin Tatum.

Fennel Melvin died 7 October, 1918. Harriet Thaggard Melvin died 21 July, 1913.

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