Alexis Alexander Melvin

This picture was in a '4 x 6' cardboard tin type booklet owned by Harriet "Hattie" Catherine Tatum McBride (1894-1965) of Ammon. The photo was a cabinet card and not a tin type. As you can see, the name is clearly A. A. Melvin. From what I understand, there were several A. A. Melvins in this time frame. Based on the type of photo and the age of the man shown, this is likely Alexis Alexander Melvin.

Alexis Alexander Melvin was born 4 July, 1883, the son of Robert Alexis Melvin (1849-1914) and Julia Elizabeth Young (1854-1933). He resided in White Oak and he married Virginia Rinaldi White on 18 December, 1907. She was born 11 May, 1888, the daughter of Richard Streety White and Eugenia Rinaldi. A.A. Melvin died 15 February, 1929. Viriginia Melvin died 18 April, 1973.

A.A. Melvin was a carpenter. He died at age 45 of pneumonia.

i. Robert Alexis Melvin, b. Sept 4 1903
ii. Edith Parson Melvin, b. Nov 14 1914
iii. Julia Eugenia Melvin, b. Apr 22 1917
iv. William White Melvin, b. Oct 2 1923

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