Bennie F. Kinlaw and Cora Novella Cain (Bennie's picture was taken much earlier than Cora's).

Bennie F. Kinlaw, son of Alexander W. Kinlaw and Mahala Glass, and Cora Novella Cain, daughter of Franklin Cain and Emmaline Edge, were married June 7, 1893 in Bladen County, NC.  Bennie was born in 1864 in Bladen County, and Cora was born October 3, 1871 in Bladen County.

  They are the parents of:
Wyatt Stanley Kinlaw
Emma Bell Kinlaw
Willie Alexander Kinlaw
Edgar Kinlaw
Emery Dexter Kinlaw
Alton Tennyson Kinlaw
Hurley Jennings Kinlaw
Blannie Thelma Kinlaw
Mamie Glee Kinlaw

Bennie inherited farm land in Bladen County from his father, Alexander. After the untimely death of Bennie on March 20, 1910, Cora, being unable to maintain the farm and taxes associated with it, had to give it up.  She and her 9 children moved to Fayetteville, NC, where the children were raised.  Cora died August 3, 1941.  She is buried in Cross Creek Cemetery, Fayetteville, NC, and Bennie is buried at Bethlehem United Methodist Church Cemetery, Bladen County, NC.

Submitted by Leverle Kinlaw.
Leverle Kinlaw died on 21 February, 2002.

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