Elijah James Grimsley family

Elijah James Grimsley (1847-1922)
Susannah Benson Grimsley (1846-1924)

Children L to R:
Walter Henry (1886-1963). Married Carrie L. Brisson (1885-1963)
Chester Love (1891-1937). Never married.
Mattie (1883-1965). Never married.
Annie (1878-1961). Married William Edgar Flake (1875-1954)

Identify of younger subjects not known.

Older Children not pictured:
John Rollin (1869-1900). Married Letha Nettles.
Elijah James Jr. (1873-1934). Married Josephine Smith (1875-1957).
Nash Lawrence (1876-1959). Married Susannah White Callihan (1876-1969).

Elijah James Sr. was the son of Elisha George Grimsley (1810-1875) and Sarah Ann Hardison (1820-1896) Susannah Benson Grimsley was the daughter of David Benson and Anna Watson.

Contact Daniel L. Grimsley (danielgrimsley@hotmail.com) for more information.

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