The articles and books posted here primarily concern the first ancestor of the family to live in Bladen and their descendants. Sometimes the researcher has provided information about the family history before they came to Bladen County. More information about individuals is found under the RECORDS link. If you have articles pertaining to Bladen County history or people, please consider posting them on this site to share with others.

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Article Contributor
BEDSOLE: Bedsole Family J.D. Bedsole
BYRD: Annie Byrd McKee Collection: Includes primarily information on BYRD and MCKEE families, but also BARNHILL, BURNEY, SHAW, PALMER, and THOMPSON families
CAIN: Cain Families of Bladen County Jason Bordeaux
CAIN: Descendants of John & Dolly Cain, compiled by Lee Cain Jason Bordeaux
DAVIS: John Richardson Davis Margie Davis Roe
DAVIS: Timeline for Sampson Davis, Sr. Margie Davis Roe
FOWLKES: Fowlkes Family Narrative Lucy Oakes
GARDNER: James Monroe Gardner & John J. Garner Jason Bordeaux
JOHNSON: Johnson Family History – author unknown, but dedicated to Mrs. James D. Moore circa 1940’s
JOHNSON: Johnson Family Presentation Jason Bordeaux
JOHNSON: Billie Faye Evans research (letters to Jason Bordeaux) concerning Johnson Family history Jason Bordeaux
JOHNSON: History & Genealogy of the Samuel Johnson Family by Elsie Johnson Batts, 1982.
KING: King Families of Bladen and Columbus County Jason Bordeaux
KING: Timeline for George King Family Jason Bordeaux
MCKEE: See Annie Byrd McKee Collection above.
SINGLETARY: Singletary Papers from Wanda Campbell Collection- File 1 | File 2 | File 3 | File 4 | File 5 | File 6 | File 7 | File 8 | File 9 | File 10 On file in Bladen County Public Library
SINGLETARY: Singletary Papers From Judy Sessoms Collection (primarily covers Jonathan Singletary)– File 1 | File 2 Judy Sessoms and Margie Bridger
SMITH: Bennet Smith Family Lands by Richard C. Booth | Smith Tree part 1 | Smith Tree part 2 Lewis D. Smith
TATUM: Jesse Tatum and descendants. Letters from Wm. C. Tatum to Annie Laura Tatum concerning Owen Tatum’s move to Monroe County, Alabama Rebekah Tatum Taylor
WEST: West Families of Bladen County Fran Powell
WRIGHT: Wright Notebook (Wrights in Bladen, Columbus, Duplin, Sampson, Pitt & Edgecombe Counties)–File 1 | File 2 | File 3 Richard Wright
WRIGHT: William Kenion Wright Jason Bordeaux
WRIGHT: Correction to William Kenion Wright file (above)–
The name of Mennon Wright was not Mennon Aber Wright,
it was Mennon OBED Wright. He was the son of John Bruton
Wright (1889-1954).
Lizzie Wright Holley
YOUNG: Young Family Presentation Jason Bordeaux

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  1. Mennon Wright’s middle name was not Aber it was OBED, this mistake is in the Ken Wright account, I would very much like it corrected – thank you.

  2. Hi Lizzie – since the document is in PDF format, we are unable to make the change to it, but thank you for sharing the correction here!

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