Troy Johnson Cemetery


Note: This cemetery is not recorded in Cemeteries of Bladen County.


Location: The cemetery is located "about 2 miles E of Johnsontown on Jasper Richardson Trail, on property of Bladen Lakes State Forest ”.  The cemetery is adjacent to the Joel Johnson (1755-1832) Cemetery.  Directions are: Coming from Elizabethtown , travel north on Hwy 242 towards Ammon.  Turn right on Johnsontown Road. Turn left on Jasper Richardson Trail (dirt road).  About halfway down this road you will see Manly Drive. Go past Manly Drive and you will see a small road going into the woods on your left.  Follow this road and you will see the cemetery on your right.  It is at least 1/10th mile into the woods.


Note: This is a complete survey. All markers are represented.


Those buried in this cemetery are the descendants of slaves owned by Joel Johnson and his sons.


Photos are courtesy of Angela Johnston and Mickey Johnson. 

This document was compiled by Jason Bordeaux.






King Festus Johnson

May 2, 1892

Dec 4, 1957

“At Rest”





Lillie, Wife of K.F. (King Festus) Johnson

May 1, 1901

Jan 26, 1941




Troy Johnson



Sarah Johnson





James W. Johnson


“The angels called”




Lorena G., Daughter of W.A. & C.B. Johnson

April 22, 1921

May 12, 1940

“At Rest”




Dosha McDoe




MarChester McDoe




Sharley Wooten




Glennie M. Johnson





Mr. Johnie Winson Johnson

Died February 15, 1961

Age: 40 Years, 6 Mos, 21 Days

Lee Funeral Home

Fayetteville, NC


Note: Calculated birth date is July 25, 1920




Elder Phillip James Melvin

June 13, 1893

Jan 26, 1956


Sarah Richardson Melvin

Sept 30, 1898

Jan 7, 1983


Married July 5, 1915




Kattie Lee Melvin

Born July ____

Died July ____



James Melvin

“Gone but not forgotten”




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