Edward Martin a.k.a Rayfield Cemetery


Cemetery #107 in Cemeteries of Bladen County, Volume III - NW Bladen


Location and description in cemetery book:

Turn off SR 1320 on dirt road opposite Old Bethlehem Church cemetery and drive about 4 miles toward Harrison Creek. The cemetery is beyond the old home site of Mr. Albert Burney. No home is standing today, but shrubbery helps designate the correct area which is overgrown, and a guide would be needed to locate the cemetery. Wanda Suggs Campbell visited and recorded this cemetery May 16, 1966.


Additional note from cemetery book:


The last three graves (Wilson R. Thomas, Lillie J. Cain, J.W. Bullard) were located outside the fenced-in cemetery. The grave of Wilson R. Thomas was fenced in by itself. There were two graves with no names on the mortuary markers; one had Hope Mills Funeral Home.


Note: This is a complete survey done by Matt Hillman in April, 2009. All markers are represented.



Matt Hillman gave the following updated directions:


The location is at 13165 Hwy 53 West, White Oak, NC 28399. This is a Cub Scout Camp. The cemetery is about 200 feet past the Stockade fort on the right.









William J. Rayfield

Nov. 4, 1850

Sept. 5, 1939



Malissie J. Rayfield

Jan. 14, 1849

Mar. 23, 1920


“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”




Minnie L.

Daughter of

Emmett & Attie B. Rayfield

Sept. 13, 1912

Mar. 5, 1926




William E.

Son of Emmett & Attie B. Rayfield

Mar. 27, 1922

Mar. 31, 1922

“Gone to be an angel”





Daughter of Emmett & Attie B. Rayfield

Dec. 5, 1916

Sept. 5, 1929

“Gone but not forgotten which was once a little angel on earth but now is a little angel in heaven”





Daughter of Rev. Edward & Ann Martin

October 11, 1846

March 7, 1902

Note: Cemetery book shows death year as 1907.





Wife of Rev. Edward Martin

Aug 20, 1815

Feb 16, 1893




Rev. Edward Martin

Died Sep. 15, 1881

Aged 66 Yrs. 5 Mos.




Mattie L. Burney

Wife of J. T. Rice

Aug. 22, 1873

Aug. 24, 1909




Wilson R. Thomas


Oct. 31, 1886


April 21, 1906




Lillie J.

Wife of James Cam

Daughter of J. W. & S. J. Bullard

Born June 19, 1873

Died Dec. 22, 1900




J. W. Bullard


Apr. 19, 1849


Apr. 22, 1911




Contact Matt Hillman for more information.

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