EDWARDS, Haynes (d.1909)

Mr. HAYNES EDWARDS, 79 years old, one of the largest farmers and leading business man of Bladen county, died at his home in Bladenboro Thursday after an illness of some days.

Source: Robesonian (Lumberton, NC), Monday, 4/5/1909.

Submitted by: Sam West

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LENNON, Wiley (d. 1932)

Old Slave Darky Passes

Old “Uncle” Wiley Lennon, Civil War veteran and one-time slave darkey of Mr. J. K. LENNON, died at his little cabin out near the Galead section last Tuesday night following a stroke of paralysis on Monday. The old darkey, more than a hundred years old, preferred to live alone in his little hut near his niece, CLEMMIE LEWIS, who always saw to his welfare as far as she was able. Though his needs were few, yet his last days were spent with the barest comforts and no luxuries due an old soldier. He was a true Southerner, loyal to his master with whom he joined the army and fought with and for him during the four years of the war, belonging to a company whose captain was Mr. OBEDIAH WILLIAMSON of near Evergreen. The old fellow could not remember much about his early life, but his “marster and misses” were always dear to his memory. Uncle Wiley passed away-quietly, peacefully and without a murmur. His old body was laid away tenderly, though not grandly, and today he is at rest with the Soldiers of the Cross who have preceeded him there by many years.

Source: Robesonian, Thursday 12/15/1932.

Submitted by Sam West

CARTER, Sandy (d.1905)

Death of a Bladenite.

Abbottsburg, Jan. 10, 1905–

On Monday night, January 9th, Mr. SANDY CARTER peacefully passed away. He was one of Bladen’s oldest citizens. He has been unable to work for several years. He was one of Bladen’s best carpenters. He leaves six children to mourn his loss besides a host of friends and relatives. May Gods richest blessings rest upon the bereaved ones. L

Source: The Lumberton Argus 01/13/1905

Submitted by Sam West.

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BROWN, Ann (d.1861)

DIED, In Bladen County, at Ramoth, on the 27th of August, Mrs. ANN BROWN, widow of RICHARD BROWN, ages 89 years and 4 months.

Source: Fayetteville Observer, 10/03/1861.

Retrieved and submitted by Sam West.

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BRYAN, Elizabeth – (d. 1844)

DIED – In Bladen County, on the 22nd ultimo, Mrs. Elizabeth BRYAN, consort of James BRYAN, sen., aged seventy years. 

Source: Raleigh Register, 19 Jan 1844. 

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BELDEN, Eliza – (d. 1844)

DIED – In Bladen county, on the 11th inst., Mrs. Eliza H. BELDEN, wife of Mr. Robert C. BELDEN, lately of Fayetteville, in the 33d year of her age.  Though called hence most suddenly, after a few minutes of intense suffering from paralysis, we have the blessed assurance that she was not unprepared for the great change. 

Source: Raleigh Register, 21 Jun 1844

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BEATTY, Sophia E. (d.1827)

DIED – On Black River, in Bladen county, on the 3d inst. after a protracted illness, which she bore with christian fortitude, Mrs. Sophia E. BEATTY, aged 63, wife of William H. BEATTY, Esq.

Source: Raleigh Register, 17 Apr 1827. 

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