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The photograph on our site is of the mighty Cape Fear River, which splits Bladen County into the familiar “north east” side and “south west” side of census records. This photograph was taken looking downstream just under the bridge at Elizabethtown near the Tory Hole park. More information about the settlement of Bladen County is included on the HISTORY page.

Bladen County is situated in the southeastern part of NC.  It is bordered on the north by Cumberland County, and on the south by Columbus County, and on the west by Robeson County.  The county line follows South River and Black River on the east.  Bladen comprises and area of 976 square miles, or 624,640 acres (including lakes).  The topography is prevailingly flat.  Bordering the bottom lands west of the Cape Fear River is a bluff line rising from about 75 feet to more than 100 feet above the normal water level of the stream. 1

For information on Bladen County statistics, townships, towns, etc. please refer to Wikipedia.

The research information on this page is accessed by clicking on the links in the top menu or using the Search bar on the right side. The USGENWEB ARCHIVE contains records that have been submitted to the Bladen County USGenWeb page rather than directly to the Bladen County NCGenWeb site. Please check that link in order not to miss the records submitted there. There is a separate search link on the archive page since those records are not indexed through the search bar on this site. The FAMILIES link provides information on families that have lived in Bladen County. The information may include genealogies, photographs, and family histories.  The RECORDS link contains all the records that have been submitted to this Bladen County NCGenWeb site. Most of these records pertain to individuals instead of family groups. These are organized by category. You can browse each category or use the Search feature to find specific records. The main Records page includes a history of the county records for Bladen County. The RESOURCES page contains links to other web pages containing valuable information about the people who have lived in Bladen County. There are several large databases of digital records listed here under the North Carolina section that provide access to files in the state archive and the major research libraries in the state. The AFRICAN-AMERICAN link takes you to a web site developed by Sonya Brown Bowen and Prentice Autry specifically developed to bring together resources to help anyone searching for information on Bladen County African-American ancestors.

One of the best resources for Bladen County research is the MOTHER COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY, which has headquarters in the Bladenboro Historical Society Building.   Their research room is open from 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Because the research room is staffed by volunteers, they do not do lookups, but check their publication list for items related to your research.  They have an extensive genealogy database and can produce a book for your family name for purchase through the Gift Shop (910-863-4707, 2-4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday). The BLADEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY link takes you to a page concerning their genealogical resources.

1. Years of History, A Limited History of Bladen County NC, by C.E. Crawford.  Material extracted with permission from Bladen County Historical Society.