1842 Beaufort County Will of

Joshua Muse
(Dated: Nov. 29, 1842 / Probate: Feb. Term 1847)

Will of Joshua Muse

I Joshua Muse of the county of Beaufort and State of North carolina being of sound mind and memory but considering the uncertainty of my earthly existance do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say.

First That my Executor (hereinafter named) shall provide for my body a decent burial suitable to the wishes of my relations and friends and pay all funeral Expenses together with my Just debts howsoever and to whomsoever owen out of the moneys that may first come into ther hands as a part or parcel of my Estate.

Item 1 - I Loan unto my sone Joseph Muse during his natural Life Twenty acres Land the land I purchased of Jno. McWilliams Seign [Senior] Dec. [deceased] after his death I give said Land unto my grandsone James H. Muse to him and his heirs for Ever.

Item 2 - I Loan winfield Muse fifty acres land the Land I now live on during his natural life and after his death I give said land to my grand Daughter Sarah J. Muse to her and her heirs for Ever.

3 Item - I Give unto my two granddaughters Harriet E. Daw (or Dow) and Matilda J. Daw (or Dow) my negro girl Louis and her increase to them and their heirs for Ever.

4 Item - I Lend unto my sone Winfield Muse my negro Boy Hardy during his natural Life after his the said winfreds death I give said negro Boy to my grand daughter Sarah Jane Muse to her and her heirs for Ever.

Item 5 - I Lend my negrowoman Dorcas to my wife Sarah Muse during her natural Life after the death of my wife I give said negro Dorcas to winfild Muse and my two grand daughters Elizabeth H. Daw (or Dow) and Matilda Jane Daw (or Dow) to them and their heirs for Ever and my wish is for the said heirs to should take spicel [special] care of my old Woman Dorcas as she has been faithful.

Item 6 - I loan unto my sone Jo Muse four cows and calves they and their increase during his natural life after his death I give said cows and all of their increase unto his sone James H. Muse to his and his heirs for Ever.

Item 7 - I Loan unto my wife Sarah Muse during her natural Life with the privilege to Kill and Eat for her familes use three cows and calves during her natural Life after her death to be sold and divided amongst all of my heirs.

Item 8 - one haff of my stock of sheap I Give and bequeath to all my heirs to be sold and Divided Equally amongst them all also all of my hogs Except ten head which [I] Give to my wife Sarah Muse to consist of five year old Shoats and five two year olds.

Item 9 - I give and beqth unto my wife Sarah Muse all of the property which she had when I maried her I also Loan unto my said wife Sarah Muse during her natural life all of my house hold and kitchen furnature after her death to be divided Iqually amongst all my heirs Except my clock I give unto my sone windfield Muse all of the balance of my stock of cattle My wish is shall be sold and Equally divided amongst all my heirs this 29 Nov 1842
                                                                                /s/ Joshua [his x mark] Muse

Witness this 29 Nov 1842
    Jas. W. Satchwell
    Joseph Satterthwaite

whereas I have made my Last will and testament bareing date the 29 nov 1842 and have failed therein to name my Executor this is therefore to appoint my sone winfield Muse my Executor to this my Last will the 29 Nov 1842.  This my hand and seal
                                                                                    /s/ Joshua [his x mark] Muse

Jas. W. Satchwell
    Joseph Satterthwaite

State of North Carolina}    December Term 1842
       Beaufort County    }
    Then was the last will and testament of Joshua Muse brought into Court by James W. Satchwell and proved by Said Satchwell in due form of Law, he being one of the Subscribing witnesses there to & ordered to be recorded
    /s/ Benj. M. Selby, Clk.   

State of No Car.}    Court of Pleas & Qr. Sessions
      B County      }    Feby Term 1847
    Then was the foregoing paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Joshua Meuse dec'd. produced in court and duly proven so a to pass forth real and personal estate by the oath of James W. Satchwell one of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.
    And at the same time Rhoda Meuse widow of Joshua Meuse dec'd. personally appeared in open court and dissented from the will of her said husband and her dissent is ordered to be recorded.
    At the same time Winfield Meuse came into open court and was duly qualified as executor to the foregoing will.
/s/ Henry W.B. Clark, Clk.

[On back of will]
Last Will of Joshua Muise
Recorded in orphan Book D page 359
    /s/ Benj. M. Selby, Clk.

Will of Joshua Muse
Recorded in orphans Book F. pages 327-328 and 329
    /s/ Henry W.B. Clark, Clk.

Submitted by: Kay Midgett Sheppard

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