Beaufort Co., NC Wills Index

1700 - 1900

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Name Date Recorded Copy Original Remarks
Jacken, David 1774 OWB/118 AR  
Jackson, John 1728 Original Only SS/AR  
Jackson, John c1732 OWB/12 AR  
Jarris, David 1888 Original Only CTY  
Jarvis, Charles E. 1854 OB-I/339 AR  
Jarvis, Jesse L. 1882 WB-1/318 CTY  
Jarvis, Oliver 1883 WB-1/340 CTY  
Jasper, Israel 1785 OWB/195 AR  
Jasper, John c1760 OWB/73 AR  
Jasper, Jonathan 1779 OWB/140 AR  
Jasper, Richard 1829 OB-B/5 AR  
Jasper, William c1811 OWB/463 AR  
Jasper, William c1801 OWB/382 AR  
Jewell, Thomas 1735 LBG-4#57 SS/AR  
Jewell, John 1744 Original Only SS/AR  
Jewell, Thomas 1735 LGB-4/#57 SS/AR  
Jewell, Thomas c1769 OWB/104 AR  
John, Lewis c1805 OWB/430 AR  
Johnson, Abram c1800 OWB/374 AR  
Johnson, Elizabeth 1818 OB-A/285 AR  
Johnson, Frank 1895 WB-2/54    
Johnson, Henry W. 1900 WB-2/240 CTY  
Johnson, P. H. 1895 WB-2/81 CTY  
Johnson, James 1818 OB-A/285 AR  
Jones, Clem 1838 OB-C2/78 AR  
Jones, Edward 1857 OB-K/276 AR  
Jones, Hardy c1800 OWB/378 AR  
Jones, Holland c1797 OWB/340 AR  
Jones, James c1796 OWB/327 AR  
Jones, John 1859 OB-L/30L AR  
Jones, John 18181717 OB-A/267 AR  
Jones, Josias c1760 OWB/76 AR  
Jones, Lewis 1871 WB-1/88 AR  
Jones, Nice 1843 OB-E/182 AR  
Jones, Robert c1802 OWB/397 AR  
Jones, Roger 1741 Original Only SS/AR  
Jones, Sarah 1723 Original Only SS/AR Bath County
Jones, Thomas c1781 OWB/165 AR  
Jones, Thomas c1796 OWB/317 AR  
Jones, Walter 1728 009 OWB/6 AR Bath County
Jones, Walter c1800 OWB/371 AR  
Jones, William 1742 Original Only SS/AR  
Jonson, Arthur c1773 OWB/116 AR  
Jordan, Elizabeth 1891 WB-2/39 CTY  
Jordan, John c1774 OWB/119 AR  
Jordan, John S. 1847 OWB/545 AR  
Jordan, Rotheas 1836 OWB/529 AR  
Jordan, Sally L. 1860 OB-L/146    
Jordan, Thomas 1820 OB-A/303 AR  
Jordan, Thomas B. 1837 OB-B/540 AR  
Jordan, William 1842 OB-D/197 AR  
Jordan, Zachariah 1830 OB-B/46 AR  
Joseph, Euphane A. 1842 OB-D/359 AR  
Joyner, Israell c1739 009 OWB/31 009 AR no county mentioned in will
Judkins, Gray 1841 OB-D/168    


Name Date Recorded Copy Original Remarks
Keach, Jasper 1833 OB-B/236 AR  
Keais, Nathan c1788 OWB/224 AR  
Keais, Sarah H. 1818 OB-A/287 AR  
Keais, William 1809 OB-A/26 AR  
Keas, Nancy 1856 OB-K/71 AR Nancy Keis in Johnson's book
Keech, Benjamin H. 1866 OB-M/256 AR  
Keech, Bryan 1826 OB-A/370 AR  
Keech, John c1759 OWB/66 AR  
Keech, Levi S. 1898 WB-2/140 CTY  
Kelley, Curtis 1826 OB-A/367 AR  
Kelley, Mary 1836 OWB/504 AR  
Kelley, Matthew 1752 OWB/46 AR  
Kelley, Rachel c1797 OWB/332 AR  
Kelley, Tulley c1795 OWB/305 AR  
Kelly, Mary L. 1876 WB-1/150   Mary Louise Kelly in Johnson's book
Kennedy, John 1826 OB-A/363 AR  
Kennedy, John c1801 OWB/386 AR  
Kennedy, William 1834 OWB/507 AR also found in OB-B/462
Kent, John 1719 SS 875/219    
Kewell, Charles S. 1840 OB-C2/363 AR  
Kewell, John, Sr. c1809 OB-A/79 AR  
Kewell, Mary A. 1862 OB-L/395 AR  
Kidd, Joseph c1786 OWB/209 AR  
Kinnin, Anthony c1791 OWB/260 AR  
Kirkconell, John c1783 OWB/183 AR  
Knight, Tobias 1719 SS 875/147 SS/AR  
Knowis, Rhonda 1817 OB-A/275 AR  
Knowis, Sidney 1816 OB-A/261 AR-Nunc.  
Knowis, Willowby c1796 OWB/319 AR  


Name Date Recorded Copy Original Remarks
Lamberson, Henry 1744 SS 877/18 SS/AR  
Landing, Henry c1802 OWB/405 AR  
Landing, Richard 1815 OB-A/247 AR  
Lane, Samuel 1859 OB-L/25 AR  
Langley, Stephen 1818 OB-A/281 AR  
Langley, Stephen 1819 OB-A/293 AR  
Lanier, Axem 1840 OB-C2/365 AR  
Lanier, Drury 1843 OB-E/67 AR  
Lanier, Edith 1840 OB-C2/371 AR  
Lanier, Henry, Sr. 1894 WB-2/75 CTY  
Lanier, John c1794 Copy SS/AR  
Lanier, John c1794 OWB/296 AR  
Laroche, John 1824 OB-A/342 AR  
Lassiter, Elizabeth A. 1885 WB-1/365 CTY  
Latham, Ann 1829 OB-B/26 AR  
Latham, Cornelia Ann 1855 OB-1/344 AR  
Latham, James F. 1889 WB-1/457 CTY  
Latham, James Sr. 1834 OB-B/402 AR  
Latham, Jasper 1826 OB-A/363 AR  
Latham, John 1859 OB-L/45 AR  
Latham, Louisa J. 1897 WB-2/108 CTY  
Latham, Sarah c1831 OB-B/151 AR  
Latham, Thomas 1854 OB-I/263 AR  
Latham, Thomas J. 1865 OB-M/249 AR  
Laughinghouse, Alice 1869 WB-1/31 CTY "of Pitt Co." in Johnson's book
Laughinghouse, Thomas  c1788 OWB/227 AR  
Lavender, Clarissa W. 1815 OWB/474 AR also found in OB-A/240
Lee, Benjamin 1829 OB-B/27 AR  
Lee, Bethier c1786 OWB/211 AR  
Lee, Samuel 1853 OB-I/64 AR  
Legg, Humphrey 1709 009 DB-1/113   Bath County
Leggett, Ezekiel c1804 OB-A/67 AR  
Leggett, John A. 1869 WB-1/3 CTY  
Leggett, Louisa 1887 WB-1/421 CTY  
Leggett, Patience 1857 OB-K/231 AB  
Leigh, Ann 1733 SS 876/270 SS/AR  
Leigh, James c1738 009 OWB/26 009 AR Bath County
Leigh, John c1782 OWB/176 AR  
Leith, Charles c1779 OWB/148 AR  
Leith, Elizabeth c1795 OWB/316 AR  
Leroy, Helen 1860 OB-L/208 AR  
Lewis, Archbell c1803 OWB/412 AR  
Lewis, Benjamin 1817 OB-A/270 AR  
Lewis, Daniel 1836 OWB/531 AR  
Lewis, Griffith c1733 009 OWB/15 009 AR Bath County
Lewis, Joseph 1825 OB-A/344 AR  
Lewis, Joseph 1876 WB-1/166 CTY  
Lewis, Mary Ann 1874 WB-1/136 CTY  
Lewis, Oliver 1878 WB-1/227 CTY  
Lewis, William 1732 SS 876/252 SS/AR Bath County
Lewis, William Kennedy c1836 OB-F/198 AR  
Lilley, Kelly c1881 Original Only CTY  
Lillington, John 1723 Original Only SS/AR Bath County
Lilly, McGilbert 1888 WB-I/434 CTY  
Lind, Thomas c1787 OWB/215 AR  
Lindsay, Josephus c1890 Original Only CTY  
Linton, Dorcas 1850 OB-G/302 AR  
Linton, John W. 1900 WB-2/200 CTY  
Linton, Luke 1840 OB-C2/360 AR Luke Luton in Johnson' book
Liscomb, John 1832 OWB/484 AR  
Liscomb, Sally 1852 OB-H/134 AR  
Little, Noah 1900 WB-2/234 CTY  
Little, Romeo 1888 WB-1/442 CTY  
Lockey, Cele 1774 OWB/121 AR  
Lockey, Joseph 1746 SS 877/361 SS/AR  
Long, Sidney Ann 1870 WB-1/56 CTY  
Longman, Julia 1871 WB-1/74 CTY  
Loomiss, Jonathan 1794 OWB/291 AR  
Loomiss, Jonathan c1793 Copy Only 010 AR  
Lucas, John Farris 1838 OB-B/501 AR  
Lucas, Samuel c1782 OWB/173 AR  
Luerton, John c1781 OWB/170 AR  

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Sources: North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index 1665 - 1900  by Thornton W. Mitchell © 1987, 1992
Index to North Carolina Wills - 1663 - 1900 by William Perry Johnson © 1963

Transcribed by Kay M. Sheppard & John B. McGowan and Prepared by Sallie Gargis

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