Beaufort Co., NC Wills Index

1700 - 1900


Name Date Recorded Copy Original Remarks
Caffey, William c1779 OWB/151 AR  
Caila, Jaila S. 1884 WB-1/344 CTY Jaila Smith Caila in Johnson's book
Caila, John M. 1854 OB-1/271 AR  
Calloway, Elijah P. 1854 OB-1/174 AR  
Calloway, Nancy R. 1868 OB-M/286 AR  
Camble, William 1743 Original Only SS/AR Wm. Campbell in Grimes' book
Campain, Joseph 1775 OWB/121 AR  
Campbell, Daniel 1825 OB-A/350 AR  
Campbell, Vineyard 1839 OB-C2/220 AR  
Campen, Benjamin 1819 OB-A/293 AR  
Campen, David 1841 OB-D/136 AR  
Campen, Henry 1842 OB-D/280 AR also found in OB-E/65 as Henry Campain
Campen, James 1851 OB-H/6 AR  
Campen, James 1762 OWB/82 AR  
Campen, Jane no date OWB/560 AR  
Campen, Joram c1771 OWB/108 AR  
Campen, Joseph 1832 OB-B/217 AR  
Campen, Joseph, Sr. 1815 OB-A/246 AR  
Campen, Robert c1785 OWB/202 AR  
Campen, Robert c1790 OWB/253 AR  
Campen, Robert c1795 OWB/307 AR also found in OB-F/460
Campen, Robert c1785 OWB/204 AR  
Campen, Thomas c1802 OWB/401 AR  
Candy, Miles 1869 WB-1/34 CTY  
Cannon, Edward 1729 Original Only SS/AR Bath County
Cannon, Sarah c1733 OWB/14 AR  
Capps, John Sr. c1803 OWB/414 AR  
Capps, Shadrach 1842 OB-D/197 AR  
Carr, J.S. 1882 WBWB-1/306-1/30 CTY Johnson's book has WB-1/304
Carraway, Mary 1827 OB-A/380 AR  
Carraway, Sarah 1864 OB-L/443 AR  
Carraway, Sarah c1855 028 WB-E/105   Craven County
Carraway, Warren 1895 WB-2/78 CTY  
Carrawon, Green 1832 OB-B/185 AR  
Carrow, John 1879 WB-1/237 CTY  
Carrow, John Sr. 1849 OB-F/13 AR also found in OB-G/13
Carrow, Nelly Jane 1868 OB-M/312 AR  
Carrow, Samuel F. 1887 WB-1/417    
Carrow, Sophia 1867 OB-M/219 AR  
Carter, Sarah c1815 OB-A/242 AR  
Caten, Alicia 1855 OB-K/20 AR  
Caten, Liddie 1877 WB-1/186 CTY -Nunc  
Caton, Jesse 1898 WB-2/133 CTY  
Caton, William Z. 1900 WB-2/220 CTY  
Chambers, Alfred F. 1853 OB-I/126 AR  
Chambers, Caleb 1824 OB-A/337 AR  
Chambers, Ezekiel 1826 OB-A/368 AR  
Chambers, John 1822 OWB/476 AR  
Chancey, Sarah 1864 OB-L439 AR  
Chapman, Dorcas 1822 OB-A/322 AR  
Chauncey, Susan 1897 WB-2/123 CTY  
Chauncy, Walley 1764 OWB/92 AR  
Cheek, Richard 1745 SS 878/144 SS/AR  
Cherry, Bernice 1896 WB-2/89 CTY  
Cherry, Charles 1812 OB-A/525 AR Charles Cherry, Sr. c1805 in Johnson's book
Cherry, Irene 1844 OB-E/209 AR  
Cherry, Jeremiah 1845 OB-F/38 AR  
Cherry, John 1839 OB-C2/98 AR  
Cherry, John c1858 Original Only CTY  
Cherry, John, Sr. 1870 WB-1/38 AR  
Cherry, Julius A. 1864 OB-L/447 AR  
Cherry, Lemuel 1754 SS 879/94 SS/AR  
Cherry, Mary 1865 OB-L/471 AR  
Cherry, Mercer 1838 OB-C2/82 AR  
Cherry, R. C. 1860 OWB/541 AR c1846 in Johnson's book
Cheston, Martha 1797 OWB/331 AR  
Clamens, John 1801 OWB/385 AR  
Clark, Charles A. c1859 Copy AR/CRX  
Clark, George c1793 OWB/294 AR  
Clark, Henry 1825 OB-A/347 AR  
Clark, James F. 1865 OB-L/478 AR  
Clark, John c1809 OB-A/142 AR  
Clark, Joseph M. 1870 WB-1/46 CTY  
Clark, Major John 1850 OB-G/257 AR  
Clark, Moses 1892 WB-2/31 CTY  
Clark, Samuel 1845 OB-E/406 AR Samuel Clark, Sr. in Johnson's book
Clark, Sarah 1842 OB-D/361 AR  
Clark, Wiley 1895 WB-2/72 CTY  
Clement, Thomas c1765 OWB/98 AR  
Clifford, James c1789 OWB/231 AR John Clifford in Johnson's book
Clifford, William c1800 OWB/372 AR  
Clomon, Zodia 1884 WB-1/352 CTY  
Coakley, Mildred c1812 OB-A/220 AR  
Coakley, Sally c1804 OWB/425 AR  
Coker, Richard 1756 SS 879/258 SS/AR  
Cole, Edward 1828 OB-A/510 AR  
Cole, Richard 1815 OB-A/241 AR  
Coleman, Ann 1829 OB-B/4 AR  
Coller, Cornelius 1741 Original Only SS/AR Grimes' book says "Cornelius Collier - also recorded in Beaufort OWB/32 under the name of Coyler
Collins, Patrick 1859 OB-L/67 AR  
Collins, Richard c1701 SS 874.1/13 SS/AR  
Collins, Samuel 1866 OB-M/269 AR  
Cone, John 1813 OB-A/232 AR c1805 in Johnson's book
Cone, Sabry c1832 OWB/500 AR  
Congiton, William 1755 SS 879/242 SS/AR Wm. Congleton in Grimes' book
Congleton, Allen 1869 WB-1/22 CTY  
Congleton, Daniel C. 1826 OB-A/375 AR  
Congleton, David 1779 OWB/137 AR  
Congleton, Henry 1776 Original Only AR  
Congleton, James 1815 OB-A/243 AR  
Congleton, James D. 1881 WB-1/282 CTY  
Congleton, Jane 1816 OB-A/262 AR  
Congleton, Luther O.W. 1879 WB-1/235 CTY  
Congleton, Major 1890 WB-1/481 CTY  
Congleton, Thomas 1855 OB-K/45 AR  
Congleton, Thomas c1842 OWB.562   not found in Mitchell's book
Congleton, William S. 1900 WB-2/210 CTY  
Conner, Andrew 1754 SS 878/178 SS/AR  
Conner, Jacob 1834 OB-B/300 AR  
Cook, Catherine 1898 WB-2/143 CTY  
Cook, Thomas c1781 OWB/164 AR  
Cooper, Mary H. E. 1897 WB-2/121 CTY Mary A.E. Cooper in Johnson's book
Cooper, Samuel c1734 OWB/20 AR  
Cording, Mary 1840 OB-C2/370 AR  
Cording, Thomas c1798 OWB/346 AR  
Cornell, Katura H. 1876 WB-1/154 CTY  
Corofton, Henry 1757 SS 879/254   [see Henry Crofton]
Corprew, Thomas c1809 OB-A/79 AR  
Cosens, Richard 1871 WbWB-1/96-1 CTY Richard Cozzens in Johnson's book
Cossens, Richard 1830 OB-B/49 AR Richard Cousins in Johnson's book
Coutanike, Michael 1761 OWB/54 AR  
Coward, Chloe B. 1866 OB-M/240 AR  
Cowell, Henry G. 1828 OB-A/467 AR  
Cowell, William c1811 OWB/462 AR  
Cox, Abraham 1797 OWB/335 AR  
Cox, Elizabeth c1804 OWB/423 AR Elkanah Cox in Johnson's book
Coyler (Collier), Cornelius c1741 OWB/32 AR  
Crafton, Thomas c1784 OWB/192 AR  
Crandall, Christopher  1882 WB-1/308 CTY  
Crandell, James 1824 OB-A/331 AR  
Crandell, Matthias 1828 OB-B/1 AR  
Cratch, Caroline 1891 WB-1/518 CTY  
Crawford, Ann c1798 OWB/342 AR  
Crawford, Charles D. c1807 OWB/444 AR  
Crawley, Mary A. 1895 WB-2/83 CTY  
Creamer, James 1833 OB-B/235 AR  
Creekmeer, Leonidas B. 1864 OB-L/461 AR also found in WB-1/45
Crofton, Henry 1757 Original Only SS/AR [see Henry Corofton]
Cross, James 1832 OB-B/225 AR  
Curtis, John c1791 OWB/262 AR  
Custis, Ann c1780 OWB/157 AR Ann Curtis? in Johnson's book
Cutler, Aaron 1842 OB-D/315 AR  
Cutler, Abner N. 1898 WB-2/128 CTY  
Cutler, Elizabeth 1837 OB-C2/28 AR  
Cutler, George B. 1889 WB-1/454 CTY  
Cutler, John Jr. 1849 OB-G/6 AR  
Cutler, John Sr. 1815 OB-A/237 AR  
Cutler, John Sr. 1844 OB-E/353 AR  
Cutler, Mary




Cutler, Moses 1829 OB-B/29 AR  
Cutler, Moses, Sr. 1820 OB-A/302 AR  
Cutler, Nathan C. 1896 WB-2/149 CTY  
Cutler, Penelope 1883 WB-1/326 CTY Penelope "Phenny" Cutler in Johnson's book
Cutler, Robert Sr. 1821 OB-A/313 AR  
Cutler, Robert Sr. 1856 OB-K/55 AR  
Cutler, Stephen C. 1836 OWB/535 AR  
Cutler, Wilson 1876 WB-1/152 CTY  

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Sources: North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index 1665 - 1900  by Thornton W. Mitchell © 1987, 1992
Index to North Carolina Wills - 1663 - 1900 by William Perry Johnson © 1963

Transcribed by Kay M. Sheppard & John B. McGowan and Prepared by Sallie Gargis

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