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John B. McGowan January 5, 1999

Seeking any and all information on McGOWANS in Hyde, Tyrrell, Beaufort, Pamlico and Craven Counties. Also seeking information of parents and family of Elizabeth "Betsy" HODGES (c1773-c1852), w/o James McGOWAN (c1774-1854).
Also seeking any information on Rebecca DAVIS (c1820-aft.1870), w/o William McGOWAN (c1814-1854); m2nd in 1857 to John Emory. I believe Rebecca may have been the d/o a William DAVIS and the sister of John W. DAVIS and of Martha DAVIS of the Pantego area of Hyde / Beaufort County. Will share research.


Marvin N. Johnson October 20, 2007

I am trying to determine whether the John MOON who entered 300 acres in Beaufort Co. on the North side of the Tar River bordering William MACE's land on the great marsh; made out; paid; rites was the John MOON who was born in Falls Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania in 1717 and ended up in Randolph County, NC in the mid 1700's. Are the original entry records available for Beaufort County? I have the copy of an administration record of the estate of John MOON 's father, James MOON, Jr. that has John MOON 's signature on it. I would like to be able to compare that signature to the signature on the entry record, if possible. Thank you for any help you can give me.



Mary C. Cargile October 22, 2007

I have been researching the family of my son's great-grandmother, Georgia (NEWMAN) BELL, and have run into several brick walls. What I am really looking for is information on her siblings. I have researched census records on Ancestry and anything else I could find and I have research all counties involved on USGenWeb. I know her parents, grandparent, and one sister; but what I don't know is her immediate siblings other than one sister. I have a copy of her death certificate from Beaufort County to tell me her birth information:
Georgia Gilberta (NEWMAN) BELL was born May 2, 1891 in Pantego, Belhaven, Beaufort County, NC to George Gilbert NEWMAN and Jane Gray CREDLE She died September 9, 1926 in Belhaven, Beaufort County, NC. She married John Preston BELL and her children were born in Beaufort and Hyde Counties (7 children).
Her Sister was Bertha Zuella NEWMAN who was born sometime in 1879, as she appears to be 1 year old on the 1880 census. She died in Beaufort County on October 29, 1956 according to the NC Archives records in I cannot find records of where or exactly when she was born.
The family evidently moved from Beaufort County to Hyde County back and forth for a generation or so. Jane (CREDLE) NEWMAN (mother) died in 1899, when Georgia was 9 years old. Her father remarried a woman some 30 years his junior and sired five move children with her. What I am looking for is all of the children he fathered by Jane CREDLE besides Georgia and Bertha.
I also know that George Gilbert NEWMAN was the PostMaster at Sladesville, NC between the years of 1891 and 1905 (from the Hyde Co., NCGenWeb pages) and was listed in the 1896 Business Directory as a farmer in Sladesville. I could not locate the family in an 1890 or 1900 census, as it seems some of that information is missing.
I am hoping that with all this information I have gathered you might be able to tell me the names of all of Jane Gray (CREDLE) NEWMAN's children (and perhaps dates of birth). I note that you are also on the query list for Hyde County, so that is helpful.
I am too old to go traipsing around eastern NC and have to rely on query or forums to help me gather information. The remaining uncles and aunt of my son know very little about their grandmother's family since she died so young. Their mother, Fannie BELL, the second eldest of the children, raised her siblings with the help of her Aunt Bertha. However, Fannie passed after a long illness with Alzheimers. Ever Grateful,


David J. Nobles August 2, 1997

I am searching for any information on a Baker E. NOBLES. He enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1863 in Beaufort Co. but he is listed in the 1870 and 1880 census as living in Hyde Co. I am looking for any link that Baker E. NOBLES may have with Jethro NOBLES of Chocowinity, NC. Thanks.


Barry Fox June 9, 2006

I am trying to connect this John NOBLES (listed as James in the 1860 Colleton Co., SC census) with the other NOBLES family of Beaufort Co., NC. I think the family is strongly connected to the BUCK family of Beaufort County. Known children of John/James NOBLES are: James Riley, b.1827; Mary Ann, b.1829; John, b.1832; William, b.1834; Lewis, b.1835; Elizabeth, b. 1838. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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