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Joseph Miller McChesney
(Source: Department of Defense; Adjutant Generalís Office (Civil War); Photographs of Soldiers, ca. 1861-1890s)

Colonel Joseph Miller McChesney of the 9th New Jersey Volunteers and 1st North Carolina Union Volunteers, was born in Trenton, New Jersey on Sept. 25, 1838.  He was a Civil War Union Army officer.  He was mustered in as Captain of Company M, 9th New Jersey Volunteers on November 19, 1861. He was later transferred to Company A, on November 24, 1862 and fought at Roanoke Island and New Bern. He was then promoted to Colonel of the 1st North Carolina (Union) Volunteers, February 20, 1863. During the fall of 1864, he was arrested by the Federal Army for the unnecessary destruction of property in Washington, North Carolina and was later exonerated and returned to active command. He suffered a wound to his right knee at a skirmish at Washington, North Carolina and should have had the leg amputated but he refused.  When the hot weather of July came he fell ill with typhoid fever and died on August 14, 1865.  He was in command of Fort Macon, North Carolina at that time.  He is buried at Westminster Cemetery in Cranbury, Middlesex Co., New Jersey. Photographer: Clarke, New York, NY.

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