McGowan Family Deeds

Beaufort Co., NC

1836 - 1917


Joseph & Martha McGowan Wm. W. Wilkenson 1836 19-53 *
Henry Winfield Martha McGowan 1836 19-63 *
Joseph Magowing Henry Winfield 1836 21-479 *
James F. Clark Hosea McGowan 1843 22-122 *
Jesse Gurganus Hosea McGowan 1846 23-345 *
John McGowan Wm. B. Rodman 1849 25-72
John W. Davis, Will & Rebecca McGowan 1851 26-356 *
John R. Cramer John McGowan, Tr. 1852 27-117
John McGowan Samuel R. Fowle 1853 27-229
John McGowan Joseph A. Farrow 1853 28-129
Will & Rebecca McGowan Robt. I. Wilkinson 1853 28-277 *
George L. Buckman John McGowan, Tr. 1854 28-415
Arnold Hopkins John McGowan 1854 28-424
Hosea & Nancy McGowan James F. Allen 1854 28-498 *
John McGowan John H. Small 1855 28-559
Frederick Rue John McGowan 1855 28-566
Joseph & Martha McGowan Sam'l J. Eagles 1856 29-413 *
John McGowan Joseph A. Farrow 1856 29-432
John McGowan Wm. H. Harrison 1857 29-540
Silvester Lanier Joseph McGowan 1857 30-21 *
Dorcas McGowan Richard Carrowan 1857 30-26 *
Britty McGowan Sam'l G. Swindell 1869 34-280 *
Will & Rebecca McGowan John W. Davis, 1850 34-367
E.J. Warren, Admr. Thomas McGowan 1870 35-86
Thomas McGowan James R. Wood, Tr. 1870 35-197
John McGowan Mary P.Bowen 1870 35-409
John & Margaret McGowan Elizabeth A. Ross 1881 50-470
A.D. & C.A. McGowan Nathan Lewis 1885 58-477
Riley Ross, etux. Margaret McGowan 1885 61-171
Sarah Wilson Louis T. McGowan 1887 64-546
Louis & Cottie McGowan Sarah Wilson 1887 64-590
S. G. Wetherington James B. McGowan 1890 75-264
Louis & Cottie McGowan J. L. Ratliff 1892 79-519
John L. Ratliff, etux. Lewis T. McGowan 1892 79-537
Louis & Cottie McGowan Sarah Wilson 1892 82-15
John & Maggie McGowan Chris C. Adams 1892 82-199
Jos. R. Bishop, Sr. Lewis & Cottie McGowan 1893 83-456
Lewis & Cottie McGowan Mollie Latham 1893 85-100
John & Maggie McGowan Lemuel H. Ross 1894 87-463
John & Maggie McGowan Chris C. Adams 1896 93-413
John L. Pilly Josephus McGowan 1897 95-246
Joseph & Cath. McGowan Wm. B. Rodman, Tr. 1897 95-249
Mary A. Powers J. C. McGowan 1899 96-520
Louis & Cottie McGowan Joseph P. Clark 1899 96-671
Louis & Cottie McGowan J. P. Clark 1899 96-725
J.C. & Cathe. McGowan Mary A. Powers 1899 97-544
Margaret McGowan L. E. Everett, 1898 99-20
Louis & Cottie McGowan D. M. Ratliff 1898 100-444
Joseph P. Clark Lewis T. McGowan 1898 100-557
J. C. & Cath. McGowan W. P. Baugham 1899 101-364
Louis & Cottie McGowan J. W. Oden, 1899 104-48
Louis & Cottie McGowan Theo. White 1899 104-405
Louis & Cottie McGowan Theo. White 1899 104-408
Louis & Cottie McGowan Mary T. McDonald 1902 113-499
Louis & Cottie McGowan Alice B. Parsons 1901 114-41
Margaret McGowan S. R. Fowle 1902 114-208
Fred Respass, etux. Isaiah McGowan 1902 116-314
Margaret McGowan Sallie Ross 1903 122-121
John Braswell, etux. J. C. McGowan 1903 122-133
Josephus Smith, etux. E. S. McGowan 1903 122-134
J. C. Flynn Lewis T. McGowan 1904 122-528
Privy Flynn, etux. Lewis T. McGowan 1904 122-547
Joseph Riddick, etux. Lewis T. McGowan 1904 122-548
L. T. & Cottie McGowan Estate & Investment Co. 1904 127-34
L. T. & Cottie McGowan C. P. Aycock 1906 137-436
L. T. & Cottie McGowan C. P. Aycock 1906 137-437
Nathan J. Godley, etux. Victoria McGowan 1908 150-147
J. C. & Cath. McGowan Rufus McGowan 1909 155-60
J. C. & Cath. McGowan J. T. McGowan 1909 155-61
B. L. Sermon, etux. J. T. McGowan 1909 159-585
J. T. McGowan B. L. Sermon 1910 159-586
Victoria McGowan H. H. Proctor 1913 175-443
William Jarvis, etux. J. T. McGowan 1913 177-60
Rufus & Maggie McGowan J. T. McGowan 1914 177-468
J. T. McGowan Rufus McGowan 1914 177-469
J. C. & Cath. McGowan William Jarvis, Etux. 1913 178-238
Rufus & Maggie McGowan Kate Mcgowan 1915 182-427
J. T. McGowan Lonnie Williams 1915 182-598
J. T. McGowan D. U. Martin, etux. 1915 183-251
Rufus & Maggie McGowan D. U. Martin 1915 183-398
D. U. Martin Rufus McGowan 1915 183-405
E. S. McGowan J. C. McGowan 1915 184-256
J. C. & Cath. McGowan E. S. McGowan 1915 184-257
Lonnie Williams, etux. Aaron McGowan 1916 189-486
Victoria McGowan L. L. Cox 1916 190-188
J. T. McGowan Wm. L. Knight 1916 191-6
E. S. & Martha McGowan J. T. Robbins 1916 193-16
E. S. & Martha McGowan Lena V. Linton 1916 193-280
Hilliard H. Hill, etux. Walter & Mandy McGowan 1916 193-478
J. S. Robbins, E. S. McGowan 1916 193-3150
* See Deeds Below . . .


Book 19, Page 53 - 5 Dec., 1836: Joseph & Martha McGOWEN to William W. WILKENSON; $100 for 50 acres on Broad Creek, lying on the East side of the dividing line of land divided between David GURGANUS and Israel WILKENSON on 25 Oct., 1771; land whereon the said Joseph and Martha McGOWEN now live. (W) Wm. LATHAM, Wm. B. LATHAM; /S/ Joseph McGOWAN, Martha McGOWAN; Dec. Term, 1836.

Book 19, Page 63 - 1 Oct., 1836: Henry Winfield to Martha McGOWEN; a Negro man named Tony given for my lands and plantation whereon I now live, lying in the district of Log House landing near the lower dowry; beginning at the SW corner of land now owned by James H. Winfield, Jordan Winfield's line, Samuel Winfield's line, to the Branch,...the division line between myself and the heirs of Davis Winfield, dec'd., containing 68 acres. (W) Wm. M. Wilkenson, Samuel Winfield. /S/ Henry Winfield; Dec. Term, 1836.

Book 21, Page 479 - 1 Oct., 1836: Joseph MaGOWING to Henry Winfield; a Negro man named Toney for a certain tract of land; (W) T.B. Satterthwaite. /S/ Joseph MaGowing; Dec. Term, 1836.

Book 22, Page 122 - 23 June, 1843: Geo. A. Farris & Hosea McGOWNS to James F. Clark; $500 for the Center-board Schooner, Betsy A., bottom about 200 barrels, with all her sales, riggin, anchors and cables, etc.; /S/ James F. Clark; Sept. Term, 1843.

Book 23, Page 345/46 - 27 Jan., 1846: Jesse Gurganus to Hosea McGOWEN; $25 for 50 acres adjoining my land (Hosea McGowen's) on the West, Robert M. Eborn on the Eastward, land that fell to him by the death of William Gurganus and he hired from his Mother Margaret Gurganus; (W) John S. Jordan, George P. Paul; /S/ Jesse (x) Gurganus; Nov. Term, 1846.

Book 26, Page 356 - 29 May, 1850: John W. DAVIS and Martha DAVIS, his sister, to William McGOWN and Rebecca, his wife; $50 for 50 acres adjoining the lands of Robert J. Wilkinson; the Rail (?) Path Ridge Branch, about 25 feet east of where said Branch crosses the main road, Winfield Gaylord's South Patent line, Robert Wilkinson's line, Thomas Gaylord's North Patent line; (W) John Q. Adams, Robert J. Wilkinson; /S/ John W. Davis, Martha Davis.

Book 28, Page 277/78 - 30 Nov., 1853: William and Rebecca McGOWIN to Robert J. Wilkinson; $275 for 50 (40) acres lying on the West side of Pungo River , the Rail (?) Path Riges Branch about 15 feet east of the main road to Thomas Gaylord's & Winfield Gaylord's Patents, Robert J. Wilkinson's corner; (W) Jones Spencer; /S/ William McGowan, Rebecca (her x mark) McGowan; Reg. 1 Dec., 1853.

Book 28, Page 498 - 21 Aug., 1853: Hosea and Nancy McGOWN to James F. Allen of Washington Co.; $50 for 50 (40) acres lying at the head of Jacks Creek and being the land that she received from her father John Sukin (Liskum); (W) J.G. Respess, Bartemie Satterthwaite; /S/ Hosea (his x mark) McGown, Nancy (her x mark) McGown. Sept. Term, 1854.

Dower to Sarah WINDFIELD, Widow of Samuel WINDFIELD: In pursuance of the annexed order to me directed I have proceeded to summon a Jury of freeholders as prayed for in pet'n who are totally unconnected by consaguinity & affinity who being first duly sworn to sett off & allot dower to the pet'r set of and allot as follows Viz we commenced at the main road and run with the division line between Joseph McGOWEN and said dec'd and run with said to a ditch at the corner of the deaded ground Then with a ditch Southerly to a branch then down said Branch a westerly course to the creek then up the creek to the main road thence with the main road to the first station also one acre of land on the north side of the main road including the Barn and lot in said acre all of said lands including the dwelling house &c we do by virtue of our office as commissioners set apart and allott to the said Sarah WINFIELD as her dower in the lands of her deceased husband as prayed for in the pet'n all of which is respectfully submitted.

Source: Beaufort County Orphan's book B - 1828-1851: "Estate Records of Beaufort Co., NC" by Betty J. Camin

Book 29, Page 413/14 - 1 Jan., 1855: Joseph & Martha McGOWEN to Samuel J. Engles; $100 for 100 acres on the West side of Pungo River and North side of Broad Creek, being a tract patented by Jacob Wilkinson,...on Broad Creek,...Wilkinson's line,... Gaylord's corner; (W) John Q. Adams, Wm. D. Winfield; /S/ Joseph McGowen, Martha McGowen. Mar. Term, 1855.

Book 30, Page 21 - 16 Oct., 1857: Joseph McGOWEN to Silvester Lanier; $175 for one Negro woman slave named Eliza, about fifty five years old; (W) Jas. F. Latham; /S/ Silvester Lanier. Oct. Trem, 1857.

Book 30, Page 26 - 1 Sept., 1856: Dorcas McGOWEN of Hyde County to Richard Carrowan of Craven Co.; $25 for 25 acres of land lying in Beaufort Co., on the South side of the Pamlico River and East side Goose (Creek), it being land descended to me by the deaths of my Sisters Polly & Agnes Carrowan and Brothers Jordan & Henry Carrowan, which references to the last will and testament of my Father Green Carrowan; (W) Hyran Bridgeman, Marcus Carrowan; /S/ Dorcas (her x mark) McGowen. 16 Oct., 1857.

Book 34, Page 280 - 3 Dec., 1868: Britty McGOWAN of Hyde Co. to Samuel G. Swindell; $50 for 33 2/3 acres on the South side of the Pamlico River and North side of Jones Bay, ...Nathan Baker's corner, the edge of the Marsh, it being in the West end of the East fifty acres of the John Jones' Patent; (W) Robert Hodges, Daniel A. Spain; /S/ Brity (her x mark) McGowan. 14 Sept., 1869.

Book 34, Page 367 - 29 May, 1850: William & Rebecca McGOWNS to John W. DAVIS and his sister Martha; $100 for our interest and claim we have in land which the late William DAVIS of Beaufort County possessed at the time of his death, lying in Beaufort County, with the exception of one small piece of land which the parties of the Second part have by deed dated this date and conveyed to us, parties of the first part; (W) F.B. Satterthwaite; /S/ Wm. McGowns, Rebecca (her x mark) McGowns. 29 May, 1850.

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