1775 Map of North and South Carolina
by Henry Mouzon

Crop of Mouzon's 1775 map to better depict the area of Northeastern North Carolina.

An Accurate Map of NORTH and SOUTH CAROLINA with Their Indian Frontiers,...From Actual Surveys by Henry Mouzon and Others. 1775 A landmark map of the Carolinas published just before the first war for independence; many British and American generals carried copies with them during the war. This accurate map of North and South Carolina shews in a distinct manner all the mountains, rivers, swamps, marshes, bays, creeks, harbours, sandbanks and soundings on the coasts; with the roads and Indian paths; as well as the boundary or provincial lines, the several townships, and other divisions of the land in both the provinces. The first edition was published by Sayer & Bennett for Thomas Jeffery's The American Atlas. For over fifty years, this map was the source for information about the geography and topography of the Carolinas, and was copied frequently by other mapmakers for its amazing detail and accuracy.

Source: Library of Congress Maps Web Site

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