Virginiae Item et Floridae
America Provinciarum, nova Descriptio
by Johannes Cloppenburg
Mercator-Hondius Atlas
French Edition (1630)

[Northeast quadrant]

Shown above is the northeastern quadrant of the Johannes Cloppenburg map of the southeast of North America. This map was published in the French edition of Mercator's Atlas of 1630. Here the original has been cropped and enlarged to show the Algonquin tribes and villages of coastal North Carolina. Cloppenburg's slightly reduced-size version is a fatihful reduction of Jodocus Hondius's influential map of 1606. Hondius's original 1606 map was a composite of the de Bry map (based on John White) of Virginia and the de Bry map of Florida (based on le Moyne).

- The Mapping of North America: A List of Printed Maps 15111670, by Philip D. Burden. Rickmansworth, England: Raleigh Publications Ltd., 1996.
- Information provided by Jay Lester, The William P. Cumming Map Sociery.

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