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Rogers Cemetery
Photos taken in 2009 by: Diane Siniard

Location: 3668 US Hwy. 17; Washington, NC.  Google Maps for this cemetery
GPS: 35 36.123 N - 77 03.974 W (These coordinates are not in the actual cemetery it is from the road, but the cemetery is only about 100 feet from the road.)

Information has been recorded as written on the tombstones.  Any additional info known by family members and/or research of public records has been indicated in brackets.  Click on underlined names to see a photograph of the headstone.

Barnes, Anna Belle Rogers October  31, 1904 March 18, 1989  
Rogers, Chester B. July 17, 1902 Sept. 6, 1947  
Rogers, Josh Tayloe [Oct. 9] 1912
[NC Deaths]
[Jan. 16] 1977
[NC Deaths]
Sgt. US Army World War II
Rogers, Mack G. Oct. 16, 1862 Jan. 30, 1933  
Rogerson, Joseph Mc. Feb. 6, 1900 July 21, 1902 Son of McG. & Sandia Rogerson; Asleep in Jesus
Wood, Minzie Gray Mar. 15, 1910 Nov. 12, 1988  

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