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Pamlico Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Photos taken by: Nola Dunbar

Location: 161 Avon Ave., Washington, NC
Directions: See Google Maps
Description: This cemetery is large and well maintained.

Information has been recorded as written on the tombstones.  Any additional info known by family members and/or research of public records has been noted in the "Notes" column.  Click on underlined names to see a photograph of the headstone.

NOTE: This is a huge cemetery so this, by no means, represents all the  tombstones in this cemetery.  If anyone has photos of stones that are not listed on this page please send them to me for inclusion on this site.

Beacham, Kinsley K. Mar. 7, 1920 Jan. 10, 2006 Married May 24, 1955 [double with Marvin R. Beacham]
Beacham, Marvin R. Nov 13, 1924 May 23, 1993 Married May 24, 1955 [double with Kinsley K. Beacham]
Jordan, Avis M. [Midyette] Dec. 26, 1921 Oct. 3, 2001 Beloved Wife & Mother [married William George  Jordan]
Jordan, William George Sep. 14, 1918 May 9, 1982 Cox; US Navy; World War II [married Avis Estelle Midyette]
Keech, Pearl E.
[Pearl Elizabeth Windley]
1899 1990 Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit [double with William R. Keech]
Keech, William R. 1895 1971 Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit [double with Pearl E. Keech]
Lancaster, Carolee B. Midyette Oct. 8, 1925 Jan. 13, 1993   [Clusie Carolee Barker married Holland Bell Midyette, Sr.]
Midyette, Bradford Elmo July 10, 1932 April 16, 1989   [Married Gladys Jean Wells]
Midyette, Charlie M. August 7, 1888 July 6, 1978   [double with Maude G. Midyette] [close-up]
Midyette, Holland Bell Oct. 10, 1912 Aug. 15, 1978 PFC; US Army; World War II  
Midyette, Maude G. March 1, 1890 July 25, 1974   [double with Charlie M. Midyette]
Webster, Eloise Keech Midyette June 24, 1923 June 15, 2001

[Front] The Lord is my shepherd
[Back] ELOISE Our Mother
   Linda Hope
   Merlin A.
   Bettie Gay
   Ruby Pearl
   Nola Mae
   Merlin Alfred Midyette, Jr.

[Married Merlin Alfred Midyette, Sr. in Bath, NC on Dec. 21, 1941]
[back of tombstone] [close up of photo]

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