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Beaufort Co., NC Cemeteries

Baynor Town Cemetery
Photos taken by: Nola & Alston Dunbar in May 2009

Directions: Going north on Hwy. 32 go 2.4 miles past State Road 1621 and turn right into a dirt lane and go .4 mile.  The cemetery is about 100 yards from the lane.  Several unmarked graves are known to be in this cemetery and several headstones were in pieces.  Information has been recorded as written on the tombstones.  Any additional information known by family members and/or research of public records has been indicated in brackets.  Click on underlined names to see a photograph of the headstone.

broken stone      
Ange, Earl Joseph no date
[June 8, 1925]
no dat
[May 6, 1928]
Son of Julius & Elsie B. Ange
[Death Certificate]
Ange, Elsie Baynor May 13, 1904 June 12, 1936 [Double with Julius Gray Ange]  Footstone: EBA
Ange, Jasper Gray no date
no date
[Dec. 6, 1927]
Son of Julius & Elsie B. Ange
[Death Certificate]
Ange, Julius Gray Dec. 13, 1896 May 5, 1971 [Double with Elsie Baynor Ange]  Footstone: JGA
Baynor, Fannie C. Browney Feb. 28, 1882 May 22, 1951 His wife - A tender and loving mother
[Double with Henry T. Baynor]  Footstone: FCBB
Baynor, Harley Monford Mar. 3, 1919 Aug. 29, 1923 Son of Mr. & Mrs. H.T. Baynor - At rest
Baynor, Henry T. Jan. 2, 1867 Dec, 39, 1943 A kind and loving father
[Double with Fannie C. Browney Baynor]  Footstone: HTB
Baynor, John A. Apr. 25, 1860 Oct. 7, 1941 [Double with Julia C. Hollis Baynor]
Boynor [Baynor], John Langley no date
no date Co. A 32 NC State Troops CSA
[Age 29 in 1860 Beaufort Co. census; age 40 in 1870]
Baynor, Julia C. Hollis 1863 Nov. 15, 1903 His wife   [Double with John A. Baynor]
[1900 Washington Co., NC census states birth as Nov. 1857-age 42]
Browny, J.T. Apt. 9, 1855 Mar. 5, 1897 Sweet be thy rest till He bids thee arise.
Harris, Henry G. Aug. 4, 1890 Dec. 4, 1890 In Memory Of - Son of A.T. & E.E. Harris  Footstone: HGH
The lillies on the hillside spread out their perfume while your baby is in heaven.  Dear parents you come too.
Respass, E.G. Nov. 20, 1879 Aug. 7, 1885 In Memory Of - Daughter of J.H. & E. Respass his wife
Jesus lover of my soul let me to Thy bosom fly.  While the nearer waters roll, while the tempest still is high, hide me O my Savior, hide till the storm of life is past.  Safe into the heavens wide O receive my soul at last.
Respass, Samuel A. Sept. 21, 1855 Apr. 16, 1891 Killed by lightning.  [Close up of inscription]
Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep from which none ever wake to weep, a calm and undisturbed repose unbroken by the last of foes.  Asleep in Jesus far from thee.  Thy kindred and their graves may be, but things is still a blessed sleep from which none ever wakes to weep.
Respass, Virginia A. Aug. 17, 1850 Apr. 27, 1906 Gone but not forgottenFootstone: VAR
Respess, Geo. W.  * See note below [Aug.] 1840
[1900 census]
1906 God's finger touched them and they slept.
[Double with Mary Eliza Respess]  Footstone: GWR
Respess, Mary Eliza no date no date Wife of Geo. W. Respess - Age 44 years
God's finger touched them and they slept.
[Double with George W. Respess]
Waters, infant son   Jan. 14, 1923 Infant son of C.W. & Blanch Waters - Gone to be an angel
Footstone: W
Waters, infant son [Jan. 14, 1924] Jan. 14, 1924 Infant son of C.W. & Blanch Waters - Gone to be an angel
[Death CertificateFootstone: W
Waters, infa[broken] son   Sept. 8, 1925 Infant son of C.W. & Blanch Waters - Gone to be an angel
Waters, Mildred Fay? [broken stone]   Mar. 27, 194_ Dau. of Mr. & M[rs.] [Wa]rren W[aters]  Footstone: MFW
Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.
[Epitaph taken from Beaufort Co. Cemeteries, Book 2] 
* Source: NC State Troops - George W. Respess, Private.  Resided in Washington County where he enlisted at age 20 on June 24, 1861 for the war.  Wounded in action at Ellerson's Mill, Virginia on June 26, 1862 and reported as absent wounded until detailed for light duty on April 9, 1863, in hospital at Richmond, Va.  Reported as absent detailed through October 1864.  Present or accounted for until paroled at Appomattox Court House, Virginia on April 9, 1865.

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