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Leslie Ward graciously submitted this information in hopes that it might help others in their search.


The names of the 43 Avery Countians who paid with their lives are listed below. Symbols used in connection with each name listed have the following meanings: KIA -- killed in action; DOW -- died of wounds; DOI -- died of injuries; DNB (Non-battle); FOD -- Finding of death under public law 490, 77th Congress; and M -- Missing.

Pvt. Harry R. Buchanan, KIA; Pvt. Jack E. Buchanan, KIA; Capt. Carl T. Bumgarner, DNB; Pfc. Bernie E. Burleson, KIA; Pvt. Henry F. Burleson, KIA; Pvt. Jack B. Burleson, KIA; Pfc. Jack M. Calloway, KIA; Pvt. William E. Calvert, KIA; T-5 Charlie W. Cantrell, DOW; Pfc. Tommy Cuthbertson, KIA; Cpl. Ernest Davis, DNB; Pvt. Ivory Davis, DNB; S-Sgt. David L. Haga, KIA; S-Sgt. Willard R. Fields, DNR; Sgt. Carson M. Guy, DNB; S-Sgt. Albert R. Harmon, FOD; Pvt. Thurman L. Henson, KIA; Sgt. Lawrence E. Hicks, DNB; Pfc. Jim Hopson, DNB; Pfc. George W. Horney, KIA; Second Lt. William G. Houston, DOI; Pvt. Jerry W. Hughes, KIA; T-5 Jewel Johnson, DOI; Sgt. Robert L. Joiner, DNB; Pfc. Earl D. Keller, KIA; Pvt. Ray S. King, DNB; Pvt. William C. Lisbon, DNB; Pvt. James L. Michael, DNB; Cpl. Robert R. Norman, KIA; Cpl. George L. Ferry, DNB; T-Sgt. Howard J. Phillips, KIA; Pvt. Listen A. Prather, KIA; Pfc. Jesse Rolfe, KIA; First Lt. William E. Shomaker, M; First Lt. Earl K. Stamey, FOD; Pfc. William H. Sudderth, KIA; Pvt. Paul T. Swift, DNB; Pvt. James L. Tollie, DNB; Pvt. Dayton H. Vance, KIA; Pfc. Elbert J. Vance, KIA; Pvt. Rondba L. Walters, KIA; John Amos Wiseman, KIA; S-Sgt. Joseph L. Wiseman, FOD; and Pat Ray, drowned with sinking ship.

On December 4, 1947, the body of Pvt. Harry R. Buchanan, first veteran to be returned to Avely County from an overseas cemetery, was buried with full military honors at Yellow Mountain cemetery, between Plumtree and Spear. Before removal, he had been buried in the Henri Chappelle cemetery in Belgium. He had enlisted in the Army on June 30, 1944, served with the 310th Infantry, 78th Division, and was killed at Schmedt, Germany on February 14, 1945.


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