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Avery County Cemeteries

Steven R. Williams has been doing research in Avery County for the Lewis DNA Project. He gathered information from the various cemetery files that have been contributed, and created a spread sheet for his own use. He provided a copy of this spread sheet so that others might benefit from his work. This spread sheet has been broken down into separate files for each cemetery.

Ashley Cemetery Fall Creek CemeteryNew Hope Cemetery
Banner Creek Cemetery Flat Springs CemeteryNew Hopewell Cemetery
Beech Mountain Cemetery Green Valley CemeteryNewland Cemetery
Benfield Cemetery Harmon CemeteryNick Pyatte Cemetery
Bethel Missionary Cemetery Harris CemeteryNorris Cemetery
Big Meadows Cemetery Henley Moore CemeteryPine Grove Cemetery
Bowlick Cemetery Houston CemeteryPineola Cemetery
Buchanan Cemetery Hughes CemeteryPisgah Cemetery
Buck Hill Cemetery Hughes Memorial CemeteryPittman Cemetery
Burleson Cemetery John Harmon CemeteryPittman Memorial Cemetery
Clark Cemetery John Johnson CemeterySmith Cemetery
Cook Cemetery Ledford CemeteryStameytown Cemetery
Crawford Cemetery McCoury CemeteryTanglewood Cemetery
Crossnore Cemetery McGuire CemeteryTate Cemetery
Cuthbertson Cemetery McKinney CemeteryThompson Cemetery
Daniels Cemetery Minneapolis CemeteryTrivette Cemetery
Elk Mountain Cemetery Mitchell CemeteryWhitaker Branch Cemetery
Elk Valley Cemetery Montezuma CemeteryWhite Pine Cemetery
Eller Cemetery Mt. Gilead CemeteryYellow Mountain Cemetery
Fairview Cemetery Mt. Zion Cemetery