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This transcription was submitted by the late Mary Floy Katzman.

"Isaac Greer and his wife Nancy Norris were born in Ashe Co. and I believe most of their children were as well. Phillip Greer and his wife Mary Greer were also born in Ashe County. Some of their children were born in Pike Co., KY, but the whole family moved back to Watauga Co. (NC) where Phillip and Mary died. They're buried at the Zionville Baptist Church Cemetery.--Mary Floy Katzman"

This is a copy of a letter I got from someone years ago. My copy is a typed transcript.

"(A Letter written by Isaiah [Zade] Greer, Mammy Greer's brother July 8th 1912.) Pike Co., KY.

this badly dun cold & dark, but you can draw it of it is true. we have had some Sickness. Sabra 31 days that she was not On a cheer better now we air about commun for our age We have plenty do doo but wood like to talk to sum north caroline a week so if can't cum you must write Levi had a bad soor on his neck I think unto death it is 3 inches across. J.J. Greer past this life on the 3 of February leaves Fanny lonly I must write Lotta We have not saw hir in a long time Tel hir write to Barbra and give all the nuse that she had good and bad We air in sum trubble Phillip you hurd of the oald Virginia land grant that have lawing Pike Co. for 2 months Six Hundred 66 thousand acres all west side of the river but 200 acres is clean seep Tha is more than I cood write in a week so I will close for this time

Isaiah and Barbra Greer fair well.

Family Information

Isaac Greer, son of William and Hannah Greer, born March the 10, 1798 and married to Nancy Norris, January the 9th, 1821 and Nancy Norris daughter of William and Hannah Norris. Born April the 13, 1808.

Ara Greer Born January 21, 1822
William Greer, born December 20, 1823
John Greer born February 24, 1826
Fanny Greer born December 4, 1827
Isaiah Greer born June 7, 1832
Levi Greer born June 13, 1833
Hannah Greer born July 13, 1838
Webster Greer born March 19, 1840
Thomas Greer born April 11, 1843
Margaret Greer born August 25, 1845
Mary Greer born December 28th 1848 (Wife of Phillip Greer)

Phillip Greer was born November 20, 1843. Mary Greer was born December 28, 1848. They were married Nov. 16, 1864 by Rev. James Johnson.

Charlottie Greer July 13, 1865 (died at age 3)
John Greer April 18, 1867 (died at birth)
Franklin M. Greer January 6, 1870
Nancy Greer November 16, 1871
Andrew J. Greer March 29, 1875
Cicero Greer January 19, 1878
Isaac Greer December 4, 1881
Alice M. Greer Sept 25, 1883
Thomas M. Greer July 12, 1888
Harrison F. Greer October 9, 1892

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