Analysis of an 1860 Slave Census

Most researchers are likely familiar with the 1850 and 1860 slave schedules.  These census records are available for about 17 states and provide data on the number of slaves owned by owning families.

Dr. Barnetta McGhee-White has a particular interest in Granville County, and African-American records of the state in general.  Her 3-volume set, Somebody Knows My Name: Marriages of Freed People in North Carolina, published in 1995, is an invaluable resource for those researching African-American families in the state.

She continues to contribute data for genealogy research; most recently spending time transcribing the 1860 Slave Schedule for Granville county.   Not only has she listed the names of the slaveowners, but she’s provided graphs and tables that help paint a clearer picture of the slave population.  You may view the slave population breakdown here.  Be sure to visit the other African-American resources for Granville County, and resources throughout the state of North Carolina.

Thank you Dr. McGhee-White for your work.  The NCGenWeb project is always pleased to know of and accept contributions of all kinds from researchers.  To anyone reading, if you have information to share, please do consider our county pages.