CSA Reunion 1902

Last meeting of the CSA Veterans of Alexander County

CSA Reunion - 1902
There is a 20 x 24 copy of this photo in the Alexander County Library History room in Taylorsville NC.

CSA Reunion - 1902

CSA Reunion - 1902

                     Calvin Pennell                Mack Pennell           Archie and Thomas Larkin Pennell                                                                                            Frank Pennell             
                     (last man on far left)        (in black hat)                       (side by side)                                                                                                                    (far right)

CSA Reunion - 1902
John Ivy Quinton Alexander, behind man with black hat                         Levi L Dagenhart        Joseph Gooden      John Dyson, down in front                     Wilson Drum, far right corner
(Jerry Dagenhart's great-grandfather)                               (barely visible in back row beside tree)                  (Jerry Dagenhart's great-grandfather)                    (man with beard)

CSA Reunion - 1902

                    Noah Lee Bowman                      Julius Walter Dagenhart
           (back row btw man in front of post              (man in slouch hat)
                 & heavy set guy to right - Wilson Drum)

Note by Jerry Dagenhart:
My two great Grandfathers were so close in this photo they could have held hands. They were neighbors at the time as Noah Bowman was living at The Lavinia Young Farm
adjoining the Dagenhart farm during this era.

CSA Reunion - 1902 CSA Reunion - 1902
          Julius Dagenhart      (Two of Jerry Dagenhart's great-grandfathers)             Horse John     
Emanuel Dagenhart is standing behind Julius Dagenhart.

Permission for John Dison to accompany W F Reid home for burial.
John Dison letter

Horse John Dison was in the cavalry with his half brother Waitsel Avery Dison, his Pennell Cousins, and his brother-in-laws, the Reids; all sons of Thomas and Huldah Moriah Talley Reid and     
brothers to Judy Betsy Reid Dyson. John was granted several furloughs to do Horse duty and this letter granted him permission to accompany the fallen body of his brother-in-law William F Reid
home to NC for burial. He was buried at the Reid Graveyard located on what is now Chest Nut Hunt Club. The Cemetery was in recent years called the Pusser Graveyard but was started by my
Ancestor Jesse Reid and it was on his plantation in the foot hills above Dover Church. John Dison's saddle bags and all his dispatchs and letters burned in a housefire many years ago.                   
(Dison and Dyson are the same name; also spelled Dicen)

John Dison's Pension Application

John Dison Pension Application John Dison Pension Application John Dison Pension Application

Photos & data provided by Jerry Dagenhart

If you can identify anyone in the photos above contact Jerry
Dagenhart at the address below. Let's get these veterans identified.

Jerry Dagenhart
219 Anderson Hwy
Cumberland VA 23040


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