In Memory Of Caroline

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Margaret Caroline Thompson
June 1881 - The Landmark

' Margaret Caroline Thompson a maiden lady of about 50 years of age daughter of Mr James Thompson, of Sharpe's township
Alexander county was brutally murdered at the door of her father's house on Friday last by some person or persons unknown.'

After reading the above news article, I was touched by the brutality of such an act and became curious about Caroline Thompson.
On the following pages, you can read about the murder, the trial, see where she is buried, and other information relating to Caroline.

The following is dedicated to The Memory of Caroline.

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Lackey-Thompson Cemetery
Lackey-Thompson Cemetery
Margaret Caroline Thompson is buried in the Lackey-Thompson Cemetery along with her parents, and a brother.
There are more Thompson's buried in this cemetery but I do not know the relationship to Caroline.

Lackey-Thompson Cemetery

The upper stone is a memorial for Franklin Thompson, born 1838 - died 1868.
This is the only one of the four that is not broken.

Second from top is is the stone for Caroline Thompson.

Third from top is the stone for Cyntha Thompson.

The lower stone is for James Thompson.

              James Thompson                                                                                                                        Cyntha Thompson               
James ThompsonCyntha  Thompson

Nov 12 1800
Jan 12 1886

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wife of
Oct 15 1809
April 12 1881

Stone reads: Died April 12 1881                             
Obituary reads: Died April 16 1881                             

April 22 1881
In Sharpe's township, Alexander county on the 16th inst, Mrs Cynthia Thompson wife of Mr James Thompson, aged 75 years.

Jan 22 1886
In Sharpe's township, Alexander county, on the 12th inst, Mr James Thompson, aged about 80 years. He is remembered in
connection with the robbery of his house and the murder of his daughter by Church and Dockery about five years ago.

Caroline Thompson                                                                                                                              Franklin Thompson 
Caroline ThompsonFranklin Thompson

Margaret Caroline
dau of
James Thompson
Jan 31 1830
June 10 1881
Lige Church &
Harrison Dockery

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Franklin Thompson
was born Feby 19 1838
& died April 4 1868
Aged 30ys 1mo & 15ds

James Thompson Will
Dated 1 Feb 1883; Probated 23 Jan 1886
To: Cyntha Luiza Lackey, Elem Thompson, Robert Thompson, Sarah Adams; their mother's land.
Exec: Robert Thompson

Alexander County Census

1850                                                            1860                                                         1870 Sharpes Township                                      1880 Sharpes Township
                                                                      Pisgah PO                                              York Collegiate Institute PO
#107                                                            #360                                                         #100                                                                          #119
James Thompson age 49 farmer b.NC     James Thompson age 59 b.NC           James Thompson age 69 farmer b. NC                James Thompson age 79 farmer
Cyntha age 42                                              Sarah age 52                                          Cynthia age 61 keeping house        "                  Senithy age 72 wife keeping house
Caroline age 19                                            M C age 29 (f)                                         Margaret C age 35 no occupation    "                Margaret C age 50 dau at home
Franklin age 10                                            Frank age 21
Sarah age 17                                                 Sarah age 20 *
James age 8                                                    J J age 18 (m)
Elim age 6                                                     Elem age 16 (m)
Robert age 3                                                 Robt age 12                                              Robert A age 23 farm labor b. NC


*Sarah Thompson b. Sep 1835   m. 1861 Thos Adams b. May 1832 [son of James Adams]
  [1850-1900 Census Records]

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June 9 1882
In the marble yard of Mr N T Miholland, of this place is to be seen a headstone which is apt to attract the eye of the passer-by.
It was ordered by James Thompson, of Alexander county, and is to be placed over the grave of his daughter, whose name is
connected with one of the most hideous tragedies to be found in the chronicles of the State. The story is told in the inscription
which reads thus: "Margaret Caroline, daughter of James Thompson, born January 31, 1830. Murdered June 10 1881 by Lige
Church and Harrison Dockery." The old man Thompson delayed his order for the tombstone until he should be justified by the
solemn finding of a court of law in using the word "murdered" upon it and connecting the names of Church and Dockery with it.

Margaret Caroline
dau of
James Thompson
Jan 31 1830
June 10 1881
Lige Church & Harrison Dockery

On August 7 2006, I located the Lackey-Thompson cemetery.
The murder of Caroline Thompson had aroused my curiosity so much
that I needed to know if the stone still existed. Indeed it does, although
broken into. The stone (above) is being held up while making photo.

Elsie Arcuri

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