Benjamin Austin & Mary Bradburn Gravesite

Located off Antioch Church Rd.       Antioch Church can be seen in the background

New road [leading off Antioch Church Rd] that passes the cemetery

                  This gravesite has been preserved for future generations by Benjamin Austin's descendants.
                  A large boulder was placed on the gravesite in 2004. The stone was unearthed during the grading for a new road that
                  passes the graves of Benjamin and Polly. Small rocks were placed on the gravesite in June 2006.

1840 Burke Co Census Revolutionary Pensioners: Benjamin Austin age 81

The above two photos show the original grave markers that currently serve as foot markers.

Before adding rocks                                                                                  Location of gravesite

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Benjamin Dillery Austin

Benjamin Austin was the eldest son of Wm Austin and 2nd wife Ann Jones.

In 1782 Benjamin Austin settled in Burke Co, which is now the Antioch Church area of Alexander County.
Benjamin Austin's home was built about 1790. One large room of the original structure (right side of house) still remains intact (2006), although the house has been remodeled twice.

                                                                 Photo from Alexander Co Historical Calendar provided by Susie Barkley

Six generations of of the Benjamin Austin family have lived in this house.

  • Benjamin Austin
  • Elijah "Sharper Lige" Austin
  • Elijah Tilman Ausitn
  • Robert Sherman Austin
  • Wayne Reid Austin   
  • Children of Wayne & Ellen Austin  
  • Mrs Ellen Austin continues to live in this historical home(2006)

    (Source: Benjamin Austin - Alexander County Heritage Bk- 1986 by Wayne R Austin)

    For more information on the Austin family please visit:
           William Austin Genealogy     by James Austin

    Benjamin Dillery Austin born 21 Jan 1760 MD died 1840 Burke Co NC. He married 1782 Burke Co NC, Mary “Polly” Bradburne, young widow of Isaac Bradburne. She died Mar 1837.

    They had 6 children:

  • Mary Austin was born in 1783 Burke Co NC.
  • Benjamin Austin Jr. was born 1785 Burke Co NC. He died in 1789 Burke Co NC.
  • William Austin born 1785.
  • Catherine Austin born 1787.
  • Arramentha Austin
  • Elijah Austin born 1792

    Elijah Austin was born in 1792 in Burke Co NC. He married 7 Nov 1821 Cassandra Austin in Burke Co NC.

  • Elijah & Cassandra's 4th child was Elijah Tillman Austin.

    Elijah Tillman Austin was born 17 Jul 1845 and died 19 Feb 1879 Alexander Co NC. He married Judith Brown.

  • Elijah Tillman & Judith's 2nd child was Robert Sherman Austin.

    Robert Sherman Austin was born 24 Jan 1867 and died 2 Aug 1949 Alexander Co NC. He married 4 Oct 1896 Rebecca Louetta Reid born 14 Mar 1872 and died 17 Jul 1951 Alexander Co NC.

  • Robert & Rebecca's 8th child was Wayne Reid Austin.

    Wayne Reid Austin was born 9 Oct 1911 and died 15 Nov 1992 Alexander Co NC. He married Ellen Hollar in 1934.

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    Digging for AUSTIN records, I located the following:

    Burke Co NC Marriages
    Groom                           Bride                          Date of Bond       Bondsman            Witness

    Austin, Benjamin      Austin, Mary               Nov 1 1827         Samuel Austin       Abner Payne
    Austin, Benj Jr.         Ellis, Sally G.               Mar 17 1810       Charles Duncan     Philip Austin
    Austin, Eligah           Payn, Temperance       Aug 8 1809          Nathan Austin       Philip Austin
    Austin, Elijah            Austin, Kisire              Nov 7 1821          Samuel Austin       James Allen
    Austin, Merrit           Booth, Lucinda           Jun 9 1839           George W. Barn     Jesse B. Own
    Austin, Nathan         Kagle, Milly                 Oct 31 1816         Moses Bently         Philip Austin
    Austin, William         Bently, Margaret         Dec 24 1812       Benjamin Austin    Philip Austin

    Alexander County Census Records
         NOT a complete listing

    1880 Alexander County Census
    Ellendale Twp

    Judith Austin age 48  widow head of house         [Elijah Tillman Austin (Benjamn's son) married Judith Brown]    
    Mary C Austin age 15                                                    
    Robert S Austin age 13                                                  
    Amanda K Austin age 7

    1870 Wittenberg Twp

    # 3-3                                               # 22-22
       Anna Austin age 73                    Elijah T Austin age 24   (Miller)
                                                              Juda age 38
                                                              Mary K age 4
                                                              Robert S age 2

    # 70-70                                          # 71-71
        Mary age 75                                   Margaret Austin age 75
    Temperance Austin age 71
        Rebecca age 69

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    1870 Ellendale Twp

    # 142-142                                       # 143-143
       John Austin age 73 farmer                William Austin age 30 farm labor
       Rebecca age 63 keeping house        Mary age 25 keeping house   
       Mary A age 25                                    James P age 3
                                                                      Martha R age 2
                                                                     John C age 5mos


    1860 Little River PO

    # 49-49                                           # 50-50                                        # 51-51
       Elijah Austin age 69                       Azear Austin age 27                  John Austin age 61
       Casander age 58                             Nancy age 30                                Rebecca age 57
       Mary age 22                                    J E (male) age 7                            J N (male) age 22
       C T (male) age 16                            J B (male) age 3                            W D (male) age 20
                                                                                                                         J B (male) age 13
                                                                                                                         M A (fem) age 10
                                                                                                                          N C (fem) age 9  

    1860 Witttenberg Twp

    # 39-39                               # 70-70                          # 74-74                                      # 113-113
       Isabel Austin age 57         Sam Austin age 69        Margaret Austin age 66          J L Austin age 71
       C F (male) age 10                Martha age 59                                                                   Jane age 60
                                                     B P (male) age 17                                                               M R Austin (male) age 17                                                                                                                  J R V (male) age 14                                                                      

    1860 Taylorsville PO

    #  27-27
        Wm Austin age 42
        Nancy age 40
        Mary age 18
        Martha age 16
        Sarah age 14
        Mag age 12
        Nancy age 8

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