John Simons Will

Chowan Precinct/ Albemarle County

June 2, 1731

In The Name of God Amen.  I John Simons of Chowan Precinct in North Carolina being sick and week in Body but of perfect mind & memory thanks be to God   Do make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament  Impremis  I will that all my just

Debts be well and Truly  paid and Satisfied within convenient times by my Executor hereafter mentioned. 


Item ~  I Give and Bequeath unto my Son John the Tract of Land whereon I now dwell for him to Receive at the age of Twenty one Years Old but it is well he shall make Sale of it if it is his desire until he is Twenty five Years old.


Item ~ I Give unto my Son Argill a piece of Land upon the head of my Line containing Fifty Acres more or lefs~ known by the name of Hopkinses Folly.


Item ~ I Give unto my Two Sons all the rest of my moveable Estate to be Equally divided between them it is also my Will that if either of my Two Sons should dye before they come to age the other shall inherit.  It is also (my) Will that my Two Sons shall be put ?     ?  at Eleven years old and there kept Two Year and their Schooling and the charge that may Accrew must be Reducted out of the Estate.  I also desire you my Executors that you would Sell all my horses horsekind Bridles and Saddles at a Publick Outery only a Dark Bay mare and Colt I would have lett run upon the Childrens Risque and I would  have the money to be Turned into Pewter Brafs or Iron also make publick Sale of Two Beds and their Furniture and all my wearing Cloaths and the money to be put to the same use And I desire that the Plantation shall be Rented and Improvements made with orchards and other conveniences belonging to a Plantation and the Cattle at the Exers Pleasure not moving of the Plantation and the Male of the Cattle to be Sold at their Descretion at about Six or Seven years old and the hoggs to be killed the First Season and the money to be Disposed as aforementioned  Also I make nominate and appoint my Trusty Friend Frances Beesley & Edward Standing to be my Two law full Executors & after my childrens schooling that my Trusty Friend Francis Beasley may take them & bring them up to the Carpenters Trade. 

As Witnefs my hand Seal this 2 day of June 1731.                          John Simons Seal

James Beasley

Fran H Harrison



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