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Albemarle County Wills, Abstracts & Probate

The following are Wills & abstracts available for Albemarle County researchers.  All of these wills date to the era when Albemarle County was a governing unit

   List of Wills & Probate

Jaboz Alford

Thomas Bell

John Bennet

Valentine Bird

James Blount

William Boyce

William Cartright

George Durant 1688

George Durant 1730

Richard Elks

Peter Fourre

Alexander Goodlatt

Jasper Hardison

Matthew Midyett

Samuel Nicholson

Darby O'Brian

Nicholas & Anna Paige

John Philpott

John Pierce

John Powell

William Raman

Andrew Reed

Susanna Robisson

Richard Sanderson

John Simons

Henderson Walker

Thomas Wallor

William Williams


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