Land Patent to James Pritchard

71 acres Pasquotank Precinct


    His Excelly John Lord Carteret Palatine and the Rest of the true and absolute Lords Proprs. of Carolina To all to whom these Presents shall come Greeting in our Lord God Everlasting. Know Ye that We the said Lords and absolute Proprs. according to our great Deed of Grant bearing Date the first Day of May Anno Dom: 1668 Given to our County of Albemarle under our Hands and great Seal of our said province Do hereby give and grant unto James Pritchard of our sd County a Tract of Land containing Seaventy one arces lying in the Fork of Nobs Crook Creek in Pasquotank beginning at Nichols corner a hickory then  S40 W37 pole a pine, S80 W18 pole a white Oak S30 W40 pole a pine S22 E110 pole a Hickey Hares corner East 52 pole a Poplar Madrons corner N19 W40 pole N25 E57 pole a pine North 36 pole a Poplar N75 W18 pole a Pine N50 W19 pole to the first station being due for the Importation of one person for every fifty acres as appears upon Record under this Patent

    To have and to hold the said Land with all Rights and priviledges of hunting hawking fishing and fowling with all Woods Waters and Rivers with all Profitts Commodities and Hereditaments to the Same belonging or appertaining (Except one half of all Gold or Silver Mines) unto him the said James Pritchard his Heirs and assigns for Ever in as large and ample Manner to all Intents and purposes as in and by the said Deed is granted or Intended Yielding and Paying unto Us our Heirs and Successors Yearly every twenty Ninth Day of September the ffee rent of one Shilling for every fifty acres hereby granted to be holden of Us our Heirs and Successors in free and common Soccage

Provided that if the said James Pritchard shall not seat and plant or cause to be seated and planted thereon within three years after the Date hereof then this patent to be void otherwise to stand and be of full Force.  Given under the Seal of the Colony the Twelth Day of November Anno Dom: 1730.  Witness our trusty and well beloved Sir Richd. Everard Barot. GovR. of North Carolina and our trusty and well beloved Councellrs. who have hereunto Sett their Hands. Richd. Everard, J.Lovick, Jno. Palin, C.Gale.


Source:  Albemarle County Records; Vol. 2; pg. 61 [Microfilm C.002.10001]


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