A Blog Worth Following: This Day in North Carolina History

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you are having success in your family history research, or at least having fun trying to shatter any brickwalls you may have. 

I wanted to just take a moment to point a blog definitely worth following – This Day in North Carolina History, from the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. I’ve been following the blog for the past year and have learned so many interesting things about the history of the state! Their entries cover events from the entire time span of the state and are just overall interesting. 


You can follow in several ways:

  • Subscribe to the RSS feed and enjoy reading at your leisure in your favorite RSS feed reader. If you’ve not used RSS feeds, watch this 3-minute video for a quick overview.
  • You can sign up to get each day’s post sent directly to your email inbox. This is the option I personally use as this is one blog that I want to be sure to never miss! On the right side of the site’s page is an area for you to enter your email address. 
  • Like their Facebook page and follow their Twitter feed for these posts and more

Happy Reading!